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Through years of dealing with suppliers, requesting quotations and tendering prices we’ve had to develop procedures and systems for managing all of this data.  Platinum Builders members have access to our supplier database, price database and quotation service as part of their membership.

These services make viewing prices or requesting quotes extremely simple.  When a member requires quotations from our suppliers they simply email a PDF copy of the plan to our office and our administration team take care of the rest.  Our proprietary software forwards their plans and requirements for the quote through to all of our suppliers who then quote the job and then send the quote back to our member via email.

Members also have access to the back end of our website where they can view or download price lists from our suppliers along with the contact information for our suppliers and the staff that are assigned to handle their account.  All of this information is kept up to date via our admin team to ensure that our member are always accessing accurate data.

If you use estimating software all of our price lists are made available in downloadable format so that it can be imported directly into the software.  We also have a live feed with SoloAssist.